Linda Bouchard

Born: May 21, 1957 – Montréal, Québec

Linda Bouchard is a well-known voice in modern music and her work covers traditional and very non-traditional forms including music for 11 dance, film, visual and mixed media presentations, 9 vocal works, 12 orchestral pieces, 13 large chamber ensemble works, 15 chamber pieces, 3 string quartets, 5 trios, and 11 duo/solo works.

In 2001, Bouchard was invited to participate at IRCAM’s “Stage d’Informatique Musicale” in Paris. Since then, she has been increasingly interested in how our traditional artistic practices are influenced by the integration of new technologies. In 2005, Bouchard founded New Experimental Music, Art and Production (NEXMAP), a nonprofit arts organization that explores this evolving artistic landscape. She acted as the artistic director until January 2016.

In 2017, she received the Davidson Award from the Victoria Symphony Orchestra in Canada. She also received a multiyear grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to research and create. Her project titled “Live Structures” will unfold over the next two years in partnership with Matralab at Concordia University in Montreal.

Though she has spent much of her life in the US in a recent interview she said “I am a Canadian composer. I never called myself an American composer; I believe people always perceive me as a Canadian composer”.

Her website (Link to offers a wealth of information on her artistic vision, past works and works in progress.


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