“ … we wanted the show to kind of be like Christmas morning, unwrapping each artist and surprising the audience with each song as we went along. We heard so many gasps of surprise as the show went on and set up each artist in a particular way.”

Tara MacLean – on Atlantic Blue


For the past three summers Tara has been giving audiences here on the Island Christmas in July as she unwraps the musical story of Atlantic Canada.  She takes us on a journey into the past, telling a tale of how music arrived and thrived on the East Coast. And each gift reveals something of the struggle and the joy of life here on the shores of the Atlantic for its creator and the people it was created for.


Tonight, even audiences who have enjoyed past performances of Atlantic Blue are in for a surprise. Tara, with the help of the PEI Symphony Orchestra, will be adding to that Christmas morning feeling: she’ll be giving us our musical gifts in gorgeous new wrapping.  Jointly commissioned by Tara and the PEISO, noted Island musician Natalie Williams Calhoun has arranged the songs for a full symphony orchestra. As well as giving them an added richness and depth the new arrangements will allow Tara to share our musical heritage with wider audiences across Canada and North America, and on her International tours.


“I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to perform the songs from Atlantic Blue with the PEISO.” says MacLean, “It is the pinnacle experience to have the chance to perform with a full orchestra in this way. I love that we get to film it and then project it at the Drive-in! It’s such a creative way to bring the music to the people. I’ve never been more excited about a performance in my life.”


Tara shares more insight into Atlantic Blue on her website at: http://www.taramacleanmusic.com/atlantic-blue

Visit her home page at: http://www.taramacleanmusic.com/home








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