PEISO Presents: A Mighty Wind – Music for Organ and Brass

Presenting a very special concert event featuring music for organ and brass ensemble, taking place in both Charlottetown and Summerside this June!
Naming the concert “A Mighty Wind” may seem a misnomer, until one realizes that the pipe organ is actually a wind instrument. Musical instruments are largely defined by how their sound is created. Although the organ console may resemble a keyboard both in appearance and in execution, the sound is the result of air flowing through pipes, much like a gargantuan pan flute.
The program, which will be performed by Basilica organist Leo Marchildon and the Charlottetown Brass Ensemble, led by Gregory Irvine, will feature a chronological sampling of music arranged for brass and organ over the years. Ranging from the Italian 16th century composer Giovanni Gabrieli to the 20th century German composer Sigfrid Karg-Elert, an eclectic collection of joyous choruses, marches, and processions will delight the ear and heart. Highlights include Handel’s Organ Concerto, Op. 4, #2 in Bb major, and Josef Rheinberger’s romantic Organ Concerto #1, Op.137 in F major. Also on the program is a smattering of pieces by Purcell, Marcello, Gigout, and Richard Strauss.
Join us on June 6th at Park Royal United Church in Charlottetown or on June 13th at St. Paul’s Parish Church in Summerside. Both concerts start at 2:30pm, and tickets can be booked online with a suggested donation of $20.00.
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