PEISO is Celebrating 50 Years!

Do you have letters, photos, programs, mementos of our days gone by?
Do you have a great story or memory of a concert, a musician a piece of music that inspired you?

In 2018 the PEI Symphony will be celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Fifty years of presenting memorable performances of classical music here on the Island.   To celebrate we want to tell the story of the Symphony from its earliest days to today.  We want that story to be more than a list of pieces, composers, dates and venues. We want it to be the story of your PEI Symphony told through your memories and recollections.

You may be a long time subscriber or have only attended one or two concerts; you may have played in the orchestra over the years or have been a young musician who played two or three concerts during your student days.   What ever your association with the Symphony you’ve been part of that incredible 50 years of music making.

Do you have memories of some of those performances that you’d be willing to share with us?  Perhaps it’s a photograph from a concert that you heard or played in, maybe a letter from a friend or a clip from a newspaper talking about a concert.  Possibly there was a concert that sticks in your memory that you’d like to tell us about in your own words?   Was there a piece of music that moved, amused, inspired, or even angered you?   We’d like to gather all those memories together and share it as our way of celebrating 50 years of dedicated music making.

To contribute to the remarkable story of the PEI Symphony please contact