SUSTAINING SUPPORTER: Would a monthly donation be easier to handle than one big lump sum? Consider becoming a Sustaining Supporter!

Sustaining supporters are especially important for insuring the symphony’s financial operations and activities during the critical planning months leading up to the concert season.

Signing Up is Easy! Its takes only minutes: We have arranged for Sustaining Supporters to sign up with the Provincial Credit Union to administer an automatic monthly contribution withdrawal from your bank account for the support of the PEISO.

A contribution of just $10 a month will generate an end of the year charitable contribution tax receipt of $110 dollars; a $25 a month contribution will result in a $300 tax receipt!

If you have questions about the program, don’t hesitate to give us a call (902) 892-4333 or drop us a note at


Instructions for filling out Sustaining Supporter form:

1. Download form.
2. Fill out "Payor information" section.
3. Fill out "Amount of Payment" (in other words how much you want to donate on a sustained basis) and the "Dates" section (this details how often (each week or month) you want the sustaining withdrawal to be made).
4. Attach a VOIDED cheque (or provide your bank account information and attache to the form).
5. Sign and date above the "Payor signature" line in |the "Authorization" section.
6. Mail the form and cancelled cheque (or bank account information) to PEISO, PO Box 185, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4.
Please allow two weeks for processing.  The PEISO will send a confirmation and a THANK YOU note to confirm your sustaining donation.ffer.

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