DONATE to the John Clement Memorial ‘SEND A KID TO THE SYMPHONY’ FUND

A Message from the President of the PEI Board of Directors:

The Board of the PEI Symphony Society is pleased to announce the creation of a new “SEND A KID TO THE SYMPHONY FUND” dedicated to the memory of  of our friend and colleague, John Clement.

As any attender to a PEISO concert is well aware, the vast majority of our concert goers are adults and seniors. One of the great challenges that confronts not just the PEISO but symphony orchestras across North America is how best to reach out to the younger generation.  During his lifetime, violinist, music educator, PEISO board member and conductor and Singing String co-founder John Clement did his utmost to introduce hundreds of young people to the joys of music. This fund seeks to continue the spirit engendered by John’s dedication to that goal.

Every year, all monies donated to this fund will be used to enable children, students and other youth to attend  symphony concerts free of charge.  Our goal is to introduce a new generation to the joys of music making.

All donations to the fund are 100% tax deductible; donors will be recognized in the PEISO house programme and webpage. Additionally, all contributions will also receive a tax receipt issued on behalf of the PEI Symphony by CANADA HELPS.

Won’t you join with me in making a contribution today?

Bruce Craig

President, PEISO

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