Special Discount Offering to Chinese Immigrant Community

National Arts Centre Orchestra to Perform on PEI in Special Benefit Concert:

Special Discount Offering to Chinese Immigrant Community

The PEI Symphony Orchestra has announced that a special concert to benefit the orchestra will be to be held Monday, May 1, 2017 at 8 pm featuring a performance by Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra (NACO). Violin virtuoso James Ehnes, who gave a recital in PEI last November, returns to the island to perform with the NAC Orchestra for an evening of music and storytelling as part of the orchestra’s national Canada 150 Tour.

The NAC Orchestra will perform one of the most familiar works in the classical repertoire, Anton Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, better known as “The New World.” After intermission, James Ehnes will take to the stage to perform Eric Korngold’s violin concerto. Ehnes is a Grammy Award and 10-time JUNO winning violinist and is widely considered one of the world’s finest living soloists.

The evening culminates with Canadian composer John Estacio’s electrifying new work I Lost My Talk based on the titular poem by Mi’kmaq Elder and poet Rita Joe C.M. The lush musical score will be performed with a film presentation and live narration by Guna and Rappahannock actor, Monique Mojica. With its bursts of birdsong from the flute, the rustling of percussion and sounds of wind emanating from the string sections, the piece has been heralded by critics as “among Estacio’s very best compositions for orchestra…a truly powerful and overwhelming creation.”

Recently appointed PEISO board member Rona Yang is helping the Symphony reach out to the Chinese immigrant community. Rona is the general manager of Kinetic Intelligent, a company established in 2016.  Her company promotes bilateral cultural and sports exchanges between China and Canada with the goal of improving the mutual understanding and friendship for generations to come. At present, in Charlottetown, her company is sponsoring the KZ skating club. As part of the special celebration of Canada 150, later this year, Rona hopes to bring to PEI a Chinese youth symphony orchestra to the birthplace of Confederation to perform their music during the months of September and October.

A special ticket offer is being made available to the Chinese immigrant community through Rona and her company. Ticket prices range from $35 to $45, and are available by contacting:


Rona Yang:(902)316 0786  Rona@k-intelligent.com

Tony Tong:(902)   316 1160 Tony@k-intelligent.com



一场盛大的音乐会将于今年5月1日晚上8点在联邦艺术中心上演。作为纪念加拿大150周年巡回演出的一部分,曾于去年十一月在PEI举办过演唱会的小提琴演奏家詹姆斯·艾恩斯(James Ehnes)将返回岛上,与加拿大国家交响乐团(NACO)一起献上一场音乐盛宴.

据PEI交响乐团(PEISO)总裁布鲁斯·克雷格(Bruce Craig)介绍,“这是一个难忘的夜晚, Maestro Alexander Shelley将带领管弦乐队和詹姆斯·艾恩斯(James Ehnes)为观众提供独一无二的音乐体验,以最佳的方式展示加拿大古典音乐。“同时这场音乐会上筹集的资金将有益于PEI交响乐团(PEISO)继续在第50个年头为岛民展示现场交响乐演出

加拿大国家交响乐团将演奏经典曲目,安东·德沃夏克第九交响曲,即为大家所熟知的“新世界”交响曲。中场休息后,詹姆斯·艾恩斯将登上舞台,演出埃里克·科尔戈尔德的小提琴协奏曲。 詹姆斯·艾恩斯是格莱美奖得主,曾10次赢得JUNE小提琴演奏奖,被广泛认为是世界上最好的独奏家之一。

当晚,加拿大作曲家约翰·埃斯塔西奥(John Estacio)根据诗歌改编的华丽乐章“I lost my talk”也将通过类似于电影的手法进行现场演出。这件作品被称赞为“最棒的乐团成就”,是一个充满力量,令人难以抗拒的创作。



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